Nevada’s sacred wonders

From crystalline Lake Tahoe in the north to the petroglyph-rich Grapevine Canyon in the south, Nevada is full of wonders sacred to the state’s American Indian culture. Nevada’s Indian Territory, a volunteer organization promoting the state’s tribal tourism, has just released two official itineraries highlighting many culturally significant sites.

Itineraries are available for both northern and southern Nevada. Highlights from the 3-Night Northern Nevada Indian Territory Adventure:

        • Stewart Indian School: On the south end of Carson City, visitors can walk in the footsteps of former students at this historic Indian boarding school along the “Talking Trail” and experience the history of the school through a self-guided cell phone walking tour.
        • Pyramid Lake: located 35 miles north of Reno, discover the unique history and culture of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (Kuyuidokado) at the Pyramid Lake Museum & Visitors Center or enjoy camping and world class fishing at the lake (tribal permit required) .
        • Grimes Point Archeological Site: Just east of Fallon, this site offers an interpretive path from which visitors can see petroglyphs (ancient rock art). Grimes Point is near Hidden Cave, an archeological site open on select weekends for guided tours.

Highlights from the 3-Night Southern Nevada Indian Territory Adventure:

        • Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas: Located within the Springs Preserve campus, the museum features interactive exhibits on important Nevada American Indian leaders Sarah Winnemucca, Wovoka and Dat So La Lee.
        • Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort: Owned and operated by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe (Tudinu), the resort features three world-class 18-hole courses, a pro shop and an award winning restaurant.
        • Grapevine Canyon: About 90 miles south of Las Vegas near Laughlin, Grapevine Canyon offers a short walk through boulders and canyons bearing petroglyphs and other evidence of the area’s prehistoric people.

The Southern Nevada Itinerary can be downloaded here

The Northern Nevada Itinerary can be downloaded here

Visitors should note that museum hours and tribal regulations are subject to change,
so contacting or visiting tribal administration offices or museums before your visit is recommended.